Running target

Moving Range 2000

The game track for air rifles The Moving Range 2000 is primarily a game target track intended for training on [Läs mer]

Moving Range 2000 Light

Game target track for air rifle The Moving Range 2000 Light is simply a Moving Range 2000 without ball catch [Läs mer]

Moving Range 2022

Wildlife track for exercise shooting with autostart (start of shot) It provides equally good training for beginners and for tanned [Läs mer]

Moving Range 5022

According to our knowledge, there is no target on the market that can measure up to MR 5022! The versatility [Läs mer]

Moving Range 8000

With, among other things, its standing rail and digital steering, we dare to say that MR 8000 is Sweden’s most [Läs mer]

Moving Range 8500

Shooting with 22lr has always been a very popular type of exercise on moving target and since the introduction of [Läs mer]