Moving Range 2000

The game track for air rifles The Moving Range 2000 is primarily a game target track intended for training on ongoing goals.

The target speed and the “idle time” in the final position can be infinitely and independently controlled by the engine. This enables a varied training for both beginners and regular shooters.

MR 2000 basic package includes:
Engine unit, 2 rails of 75 and 63 cm
Ball catch in galvanized sheet metal
Remote start cable: 15m
220 volt adapter.

Can be extended with one or more extension kits in 75 cm sections.
Each extension kit contains 75 cm of rail, ball catch and longer drivetrain.


Speed: Stepless 0.1-0.8 m / s.
Waiting time: Stepless 0-12 seconds.
Control: Start / stop from sliding point via cable.
Material: Monorail in aluminum 75 + 63 cm.
Ball catch and blind in galvanized sheet metal
Length: 150 cm.
Weight: 15 kg (incl. Carbon capture).
Weight 2000 light: 1.5 kg (without carbon trap).
Drive voltage 12V via 220 Volt adapter.