Moving Range 2022

Wildlife track for exercise shooting with autostart (start of shot)

It provides equally good training for beginners and for tanned shooters.
No permission is required for private use (on the other hand, stationary layout of the track requires permission).
However, always think about the safety and that an adequate coal trap is available at shooting.

MR 2022 is delivered complete, but without blindness and protection against low shots.
(Protected suitably by rail grinder or similar).
The track is suitably operated with our Battery PB 12 V or car / motorcycle battery.

MR 2022 is easy to take with you, with ease in the car’s luggage compartment. Mounted on a quarter, completely without screwing. The track is easy to operate, started and stopped from the shooting area. When the cable for autostart is connected, the figure starts 2 seconds after the shot (according to the rules for the test of 80 m moose).


Material: Double rail of aluminum.
Rail support in plastic.
Total length: 8 meters (rails: 7 sections at 1.1 meters)
Weight: 12 kg.
Drive voltage: 12 volts. Battery PB 12 V or car battery.
(battery not included)

Speed: Stepless 0.4-1.5 m / sec. *
Waiting time: Stepless 2-12 seconds. *
Control: Remote control with start / stop, incl. 30 meter cable.
Start of shot: Microphone is set on the motor unit

* (set on the motor unit)