Moving Range 5022

According to our knowledge, there is no target on the market that can measure up to MR 5022! The versatility and mobility make MR 5022 something extraordinary and has made it an immensely popular machine for all types of shooters.

The list of uses can almost be made as long as any time, but most popular is perhaps MR 5022 for shooting at attacking targets such as bear or pig, shotgun for hunter’s degree but also traditional practice shooting with as well class 1 as 22lr.

All of this is thanks to the MR 5022 not only being fast and easy to mount but also its radio control and stepless speed setting which is made directly on the motor unit. MR 5022 is also equipped with internal batteries that release the user from the need for mains power during use. MR 5022 is also completely galvanized, which means that rails and carriages can be installed without a problem as a permanent installation.

Worth mentioning is also that MR 5022 can be controlled via autostart (start of shot) which also it is completely wireless!

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Length: 17.25 m (15 pairs of rails with 14 supports)
Weight: 70 kg, including packaging.
Drive voltage: 24 volts. Built-in batteries
Charging time: 10-12 hours (automatic charger included)
Speed: 0-4 m / sec.
Waiting time: 2-20 sec.
Control: Remote control with start / stop, radio controlled, range <100 m.