Moving Range 8000

With, among other things, its standing rail and digital steering, we dare to say that MR 8000 is Sweden’s most modern and most innovative rail destination. Since the start of sales in 2013, MR 8000 has become extremely popular among hunting shooting clubs, associations and competition shooters in both Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

If the brain of the machine is the digital, PLC controlled electrical cabinet, the heart is the compact motor unit, equipped with a 3kW motor with gear belt drive for the drive wheel.

Engine unit, rail & trolley are designed, by hand, in stainless steel and adapted to the customer’s needs and wishes. For example, different target cars are manufactured for different brands of automatic marking with or without radio communication.

Self-calibrating target car, shot detector & an extremely easy-to-handle system are just some of the details that made MR 8000 so popular!


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Length: Rails, 14 sections at 3 meters = 42 meters
Weight: Complete 305 kg (engine unit 102 kg)
Drive voltage: 3 phase (3 x 400 V)
Engine: 3 kW with electronic brake
Speed: 4 optional speeds (2pcs high & 2pcs low)
Steering: Steering box with cable alt. radio control.