Moving Range 8500

Shooting with 22lr has always been a very popular type of exercise on moving target and since the introduction of automatic marking for class 1 weapons, the demand for similar systems to 22lr has also become larger. MR 8500 is primarily designed for this particular purpose, it is easy to handle for the slider and since it is also constructed in stainless steel, it is also relatively maintenance-free.

Of course, MR 8500, like all of MR Target’s major rail targets, is designed with a derailment-safe trolley and with the user in focus with features such as starting shot, stopping at the edge and random speeds of the target car.

Accessories such as starting via foot pedal and latch microphone to shot detector are also available.


Length: 23 meters (rails)
Weight: 150kg
Max target weight: 30kg
Drive voltage: 1x230V alt. 3x400V
Engine: 1.1 kW alt. 1.5 kW (with electronic brake)
Speed: 0-6m / s
Steering: Steering box with cable alt. radio control.